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The health of the body is the central part of a human. And at the Shivam hospital, you will get the best facilities and proper care treatments for your body.


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    Get Free Treatment In Ayushman Bharat Yojana

    The Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme is a major program launched by the Indian government. It is designed to help those who are in poverty and are especially vulnerable. It provides financial assistance if someone needs to be hospitalized due to a medical emergency.

    About Us

    In Sirsa, Haryana, you will get multi-benefit services by visiting the Shivam Hospital. The hospital is located in Sidhu Nursing Home street, near Parshuram Chowk Sirsa, 125055.

    Mr. Rohit Kumar is the director of the hospital who aims to develop & give the best services in the locality. Mainly, he wants to cover the gap between the high cost and low care health facilities. At the Hospital in Sirsa, all people are eligible to get the services facility at a reasonable price. Whether it is a normal or high-cost treatment, all the prices are set at their fixed rate.

    • The infrastructure & facilities of the hospital are well maintained.

      ● There are a total of 25 beds present in the hospital.

      ● The patients will get the standard services.

      ● You will get 24/7 services at the center.

      ● The operation theatre is fully furnished.

      ● We have all the expert members in our team with the best medical equipment.

      ● The whole team is ready for emergencies also.

    • Values at Shivam Hospital

      ● We keep everything dynamic in the healthcare services.

      ● Our whole medical staff is caring and patient.

      ● We maintain high integrity at the hospital.

      ● All the facilities are available at the Hospital in Sirsa like X-ray, Health care, etc.


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    Our Services

    Our Special Services For You

    Intensive Care Unit

    Patients in severe conditions can get their proper treatment in the intensive care unit. These intensive care units have a good staff who will look at the patients.

    Advanced Labor Room

    The advanced labor room is also maintained for pregnant ladies in the hospital. The ladies can stay here and can rest before their time of delivery.

    Two Operation theatres

    In the hospital, two main operation theatres are present that deal with the critical situation. The doctors, with their expert team, deal with the patient.

    Anesthesia WorkStation

    In the hospital, you will also get the facility of an anesthesia workstation machine. The machine produces the gas features, which further is used in breathing.


    The testing laboratory is also available for checkups. People can visit the laboratory at any time or when the doctor will prescribe them any test.


    The patients come along within the hospital building, and people will also get the Pharmacy facility. You will get all types of medicine that the doctor will prescribe for the patient.

    Digital X-ray Facility

    The digital X-ray facility will allow you to see your X-ray reports at an instant time. We have the best digital X-ray machine that gives you accurate results.

    General Ward

    There is a present general ward at the hospital that contains good staff who takes care of the patient. Several patients are there in the general ward, and for each patient, there is a proper carer.

    Air Conditioned General Ward

    The area of the general ward is not so complicated. All the beds are arranged in a good manner. And there is no humidity at the prescribed area, and all is it gets covered with A.C.

    Air Conditioned Deluxe Rooms

    The cleaning staff of the hospital well maintains the deluxe rooms. You will not get any waste at the hospital's corners. All the rooms are well cleaned and vanished with the system.

    Air Conditioned Private rooms

    At the hospital, all the rooms are well ventilated & cleaned. In all rooms, you will A.C., which will comfort the patient. Such private rooms are made for the comers with the patients who can stay there.

    Emergency 24/7

    At the Shivam hospital, all the facilities are available for emergency conditions. Our expert team is always ready for such situations with the available equipped equipment.


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      OUR TEAM

      Doctor’s In The Shivam Hospital

      Dr. Javed khan

      General Physician, M.D. (Medicine)

      Dr. Hari Singh

      Gerneral & Laparoscopic Surgeon

      Dr. Shilpi Singh

      MBBS, DGO (Obst. & Gyne)

      What Our Client’s Say’s

      Mukesh Saini

      Dr. Hari Singh looks at the department of general surgery. At the surgery department, all the services are provided. He is the best doctor in Sirsa for doing all the surgery operations at the Shivam hospital. All the surgeons at the department are motivated towards their work and perform their best.

      Pardeep Mehta

      Dr. Shilpi Singh heads the department of Gynaecology. She overlooks the whole department's workings, and you can book your appointments by consulting her. Under her, an expert team is well known for their work. She is the best gynecologist in Sirsa who gives you true guidance.

      Ratha Singh

      Dr. Javed Khan is the head of the general or internal medicine department. Under this department, you will get the best and special services from his team. Here, we deal with all kinds of medicines like Neurology, Poisoning, diabetes, Hypertension, GI problems, etc. He is the best doctor in Sirsa who deals with all kinds of patients' problems.

      Aanya Ahuja

      Dr. Kuldeep Sai is the best orthopedic in Sirsa and is head of the department of Orthopaedic. You can make your appointment for orthopedic services by consulting with him. He gives you the true guide related to medical surgery or treatment. He will give you the best treatment, whether you are suffering from a fracture, joint problems, or limb reconstruction.

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