At the Shivam hospital, all patients will get round-the-clock services related to surgeries. For all medical conditions, the benefits are available with the best equipment. Many surgeries are open that are performed by the team of our experts. Some of them are rectal surgery, advanced gastrointestinal surgery. A procedure is also included at the department of general surgery in Sirsa, i.e., laparoscopic procedures. Further, that includes advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

The staff at the department will take care of all patients properly. Dr. Hari Singh Sidhu is the department head of general surgery. Mainly, he aims at giving all the best treatment to their patients and is concerned with their health. The scope of general surgery is very wide. It includes almost all surgeries, such as breast surgery, hernia repair, perforated Ulcer, Pseudo Pancreatic Cyst, emergency appendectomy, strangulated hernia, and many more.

You can contact the Shivam Hospital in Sirsa head department for more, who will give you the proper consultation about everything. There is nothing that one has to worry about the prices. All the general surgery services are available at a good price. The Shivam hospital in Sirsa team is always ready for the emergency situations that happen at the time. You will get all the efficient services from us.
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