The Shivam Hospital in Sirsa also contains the best and most expert staff for gynecology. Generally, gynecology is the treatment practice that is done for females. Here we are dealing with the expert members who know how to tackle the situation of a lady mother.

If you are finding gynecologist in Sirsa, Shivam hospital will give you the best treatment services for it. Here, we have divided the structure in which you get all kinds of facilities. The services & facilities are available with the best expert knowledge. We have an expert team who are qualified members and have achieved ranks. At the Hospital in Sirsa, you can come & consult with Dr. Shilpi Singh.

Dr. Shilpi Singh Department head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. After meeting with Dr. Shilpi Singh, you can book your prescribed appointments for your pregnancy deals. You can also consult your major reproductive problems with the team members. The staff is available at the center, and you can freely consult your issues with them at any time.

Main services at Hospital in Sirsa:

Here, we are dealing with the best & most efficient services. And all the services at the Hospital in Sirsa are available at a reasonable price. [be]
  • Our team is always ready for emergencies.
  • The labor room & delivery services are available.
  • We have a good team that manages the high obstetric risk cases.
  • Outpatient consultant clinics & Inpatient services are also available.
  • Facilities such as instrumental vaginal delivery & gynecological surgeries are also available.

Reach us to make the appointments with the hospital’s expert staff in Sirsa. All the services available here are at a reasonable price. All people can easily afford the tests and appointment fees within the minimum price. All the services are available from pre-pregnancy to delivery at the hospital. Do consult our doctor for good suggestions and maintenance of your body.
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  • Cashless Treatment facility available.
  • Get Free Treatment if You have Health Policy